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[fic] guide me on. (canada/ukraine)

TITLE: I only need the compass that you gave me.
CHARACTERS: Canada, America, Ukraine.
WARNINGS: Incompletion. Direct correlations to Everything Is Illuminated.
SUMMARY: The war is over, the Devil's Brigade has been dissolved. Something is keeping Canada in Europe. (written for anasyrma. art here.)

i dreamt of that lovely face (incomplete)Collapse )
TITLE: playgrounds/graveyards
CHARACTERS: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus.
WARNINGS: Implied violence and destruction?
SUMMARY: The Mongolian invasion. "Please," she begs them now, "please. I need you to be brave." Also, written in a single-sitting rush, so it's rough.

and all of our scars are permanentCollapse )

TITLE: the girl withstands (she can't be broken)
CHARACTERS: Belarus, Ukraine.
WARNINGS: Vaguely political.
SUMMARY: It's snowing in Minsk, protesters are gathering, and Ukraine worries for Belarus the way all big sisters do. { for reconquista }

she said the cards were still stacked against herCollapse )

[fic] but then they buried her alive

TITLE: those who trespass against us
PAIRING: Prussia/Belgium, implied non-consensual Germany/Belgium.
WARNINGS: The Rape of Belgium; thus references to violence, rape, and sundry war crimes.
SUMMARY: August &th, 1914. Prussia has never had promises to keep, so he's never had one broken before.

where their bodies once moved but don't move anymoreCollapse )
They weren't really worth separate posts.

TITLE: what my hands were made for
PAIRING: Sweden/Finland
WARNINGS: Being naked, religious imagery, and the fact that those two are related here.
SUMMARY: Inspired by a line in i have found grace in thine eyes by valmoraThe curve of Finland’s back is still some of the most elegant poetry Sweden knows.

Finland's bare skin is a continuous sheet of paper written with hyms,Collapse )

TITLE: of ages
PAIRING: Canada/Ukraine. (Canada/America, in a "Where's Waldo?" sort of way.)
WARNINGS: Implications of sex and violence.
SUMMARY: There is a significant difference in ages between Ukraine and Canada.

the bible didn't mention us, not even onceCollapse )

[art] everything is sound

Title: the safest place you've found
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada/Ukraine
Rating: G.
Warnings: None.
Summary: why don't you rest your fragile bones? a minute ago, you looked alone. Steampunk Hetalia.

lacing our tea with honeyCollapse )